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Smart Phones are small personal computers carried by an ever growing number of individuals. Most of these internet enabled phones can already scan and use Redirect Ware QR style codes. To begin using, an end user needs to scan the QR code using their QR or bar code scanner app. They simply scan, click, and your current destination is delivered.
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Cloud Based QR Code Generator Uses Update
Redirect Ware will generate an updateable QR code that is backed by a cloud based application. Our cloud based QR code generator will generate QR style codes for you to use in print campaigns. Our Updateable QR codes have been used on flyers, business cards, restaurant menus, product labels, stickers, maps, signs and many more applications.

QR Code Generator with Tracking
We are focused on generating QR style codes that are both updatable and trackable. This tracking functionality is built into every code we create and deliver. Visiting your tracking panel for an individual code will provide clear usable information on your codes effectiveness. The Redirect Ware tracking panel will even track each destination update individually.

Point QR Code Anywhere Any Time
Redirect Ware codes can generated and then pointed to almost any content on the Internet. Change the destination URL for your Redirect Ware QR Code to update the code's delivery destination. Video, PDF, Spreadsheets, and Web Pages can easily be added as a QR code's destination.

Information on the Redirect Ware Sign Up and QR Code Generator Process

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